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Photos on /r/GYO
We Want Photos but We Need a Community
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I don’t see why we can’t just keep the photos on this subreddit

As with so many other subs, pics begin to take over. Pics are easy to post and displace text posts (pics would quickly get 10x more upvotes in half the time). Text posts are more meaningful, tell a story, and inspire more thoughtful engagement from the community. Also pics posts were mostly dominated by only a few users who posted more frequently.

What you guys maybe didn’t know is in-order to maintain a happy mix of text and photos we had a pics-only-on-weekends rule and moderating the pics posts was destroying our mod teams morale. We separated the pics from the text to maintain our mod team.

Most of the time you guys don’t have to think about how things effect the mods. In this case, I ask you kindly, please, think of the mod team. We have worked very hard and put in huge hours every week to make sure this place is uplifting and filled with the hope, support and guidance we all need. The pics and complaints about the pics nearly killed us. (A few of our most active mods were considering leaving…)

Removing pics from /r/gayyoungold or actually moving the pics to /r/GYOPics was one of the most difficult decisions we ever made and we don’t regret one bit.

As much as we would like to believe this place just happens to be great because gyo people are awesome, the truth is our mod team shaped and cultivated this sub’s community and that is why it’s not like any other place on reddit. It’s one of the best LGBT subs here. It’s the mods rules and thoughtful guidance allow us to rise above the antics of rest of the internet swamp.

Please consider the larger ramifications about what we want vs what we need out of a community, and the true cost of those desires.

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