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Gay Younger Older Embroidered Flag
Gay Younger Older Embroidered Flag

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Our Mission

The Quick History of GYO
This group started on a summer day (June 20th) in 2011. I was posting to r/lgbt and r/gay about my older dates. The overwhelming response was ‘date your own age’ in a fairly rude tone. That day, I created r/GayYoungOld. Over the next few weeks I posted content and tried to get people to read it and subscribe. Building the first 100 people was the hardest part and after that there was a natural interest and intrinsic growth. I wasn’t alone anymore…

Our Mission and Goal
To be honest, this GYO was more than just a place for anonymous reddit users to talk about how they were living. I wanted to change the larger LGBT community, to respect older younger relationships as legitimate. rGYO isn’t trophy boys and sugar-daddies as so many outsiders would tend to believe. We’ve seen those and they aren’t about sharing life and deep connections. Now it turns out, reshaping a community’s views is a bigger task than I had first envisioned. We would first need to build a community of our own and spread the message that GYO relationships are healthy and beneficial for the individuals and for society. We help each other, older and younger, in ways other relationships can’t. There are some difficult parts too, and that’s part of why we are here now talking sharing and living with GayYoungOld attractions and couples.

We’ve seen other younger older internet communities and they aren’t this cool. GYO has become one of the most interesting LGBT subs on reddit and we’ve expanded to Facebook and Meetup. Our content is original and deep, our community is helpful and nurturing, and you all help the moderators to reject bad content and toxic users. (Make no mistake, that is by design, thanks in part to our super mod team.) You are 10 of thousands of members from around the world acting as a loudspeaker to the rest of the world; Our attractions are beautiful and as a group we are powerful!

Happy Monday GYO!

I have a few announcements to make:

  1. Tomorrow is voting day. Please get out and vote. Vote for the best candidates, for what ever party, but please vote.

  2. From time to time I do work for NYSPA, NY Psychological Association. One of my friends from NYSPA was heavily involved in getting the gay DSM diagnosis changed in 1973. It was a big deal and they are making a movie about it. This is a shameless plug for my friend’s movie but also a reminder that votes matter to your lively hood. Idiot politicians are elected by people do didn’t vote.

  3. We have a NYC Meetup on Wednesday. If you are in the NY area stop by and get a drink with us. (A $5 donation is recommended) The event is for couples and individuals to meet and share the struggles and joys of GYO life.

The Official GYO Flag

The Official GYO Flag

High Resolution

Designed by R Fritz Washabaugh
Designed by R Fritz Washabaugh

2 triangles of same sex attraction. A triangle symbolizing youthful support and strength while the other symbolizes the wisdom and life experience middle age brings. 

3 color strips symbolize the 3 stages of adulthood Young adult (Teleiophilia), Middle Age (Mesophilia), Senior Age (Genontophilia). 

Gold strips sun rising and setting
Light Gray for Wisdom
Dark gray for strength